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Red de Bólidos y Meteoros del Suroeste de Europa


Southwestern Europe Meteor Network



Fireball report form  

If you want to report a fireball you have witnessed, you can employ the form below or send us an  email.

If you have photos or videos of the fireball you want to report, please send us an email. These images could be of a paramount importance to study the event.

Despite it is not necessary to fulfill every field in the form below, take into account that the more precise is the information you provide, the more usefull your data will be. It is necessary to provide a valid email address to send the form.

Requested fields in the form are marked by means of a red asterisk (*) and green background. The remaining information, which is optional, is marked with a yellow background.





  (indicate if this is local time or universal time)

Event observed from...*


COORDINATES OF THE OBSERVING SITE: Do you know the GPS coordinates of the location where the observation was made from?


(indicate East of West longitude)


(indicate North or South latitude)



Indicate in the two fields below at what point in the sky did you start seeing the fireball (initial point) and at what point in the sky did you stop seeing it (final point). Both points are defined by two data: the altitude over the horizon and the cardinal point (also named direction or azimuth).


How is the altitude determined?

The altitude over the horizon is given in degrees and can vary between 0 and 90. Please, use the guiding image on the right to determine the altitude of the initial and final points, by taking account that:


-If the fireball was over the horizon, its altitude is 0º.

-If the fireball was right over your head, its altitude is 90º

-If the fireball was at an intermediate height over the horizon, its altitude is 45º.


How to determine the cardinal point (azimuth or direction)?

If the direction that gives the position of the fireball corresponds to any of the 4 cardinal points North, South, East or West, just indicate it by giving the name of such cardinal point.


If that is not the case, the cardinal point (azimuth/direction) can be expressed by means of the following guide:

-North is equivalent to 0º. From North, we move clockwise to set the remaining positions::

-East corresponds to 90º.

-South corresponds to 180º

-West corresponds to 270º


At what point in the sky did you start seeing the fireball?

Example 1:  altitude 30º over the horizon, in direction 75º
Example 2:  altitude 60º, in south direction

At what point in the sky did you stop seeing the fireball?

Example 1: altitude: just over the horizon, in direction 45º
Example 2:  altitude 45º, in direction 300º



Approximate luminosity

(compare the brightness, for instance, with that of the Moon, the Sun, a planet, etc.).


It was brighter than the full Moon

It was brighter than Planet Venus
It was brithter than the Sun at sunset

Duration (in seconds)




If you want, you can write any additional comment in the following field.

For instance, it is interesting to know if the fireball experienced any fragmentation along its path in the atmosphere. Or if it left any persistent trail, similar to that of planes.


It is also interesting to know if after the fireball you heard any kind of sound that could be associated to the event. And, if so, which was the time elapsed between the fireball and the sound.





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